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Big Ball of Mud – a poem by studentasim

How much will it take?
There’s a weight on my life
I know how my life could be
Without this huge stone of inaction on my person
I heard the stone can be removed
I heard it’s “my choice” to do it
But why can’t I do it then?
I heard there’s something called “rock bottom”
Do I have to hit rock bottom to move the stone?
I have a pounding in my head
Can’t sleep properly in my bed
Its all consuming me as I speak
I know it all too well
And all I can do is just talk about it and tell others about what’s the right way to live?
I was told to be gentle with myself
And accept my vulnerabilities
I accept that
And what a wonderful mental shift it was
However, in order to accept my vulnerabilities
There’s something I realize called “basic principles”
Neither am I basic
Nor do I have the principles
Living life now is like a old computer program
New additions are just patched on
No improvements to the overall health of the application is made
Executives say “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”
Of course they would! It’s making them money, it’s in motion, even if it’s chugging along
When it really blows up, they’ll deal with it then
No one cares what developers got to say
Developers are like the psychologists of the application
They know how to make it better
The executives are like the circus master: Perform now
Developers call it the Big Ball of Mud
That’s a terrible application state to be in
As life grows
It too can become a Big Ball of Mud
Our footsteps getting slower
Moving along
With each step
A quick patch
A new slap of mud
And now, an even Bigger Ball of Mud
Mental bloating
No time to relax
You never even got to know who you were
There has to be a way to deal with the Big Ball of Mud
In fact, there is
So why am I still talking about it?

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