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Boom Boom Pow – a poem by studentasim

Boom Boom Pow
Mental getting wild
Being “good” is a feather
Fly away like tether
The things we do
Do to you
Do to me
Remind me sometimes of Reality
Cannot rest
Mind is pressed
Are we “good” if we think we do good?
It’s so easy to get off track
Being a good “whatever”, some label, truly wack
The best of the best
Say their students
The best of the best
Realize their limits
They realize how weak they are
Cuz it only takes a second to fall off your horse
Life is like walking on the ground with broken glass
All you can do, is wish you don’t crash
So Even though you make the cash
So Even though you got it like that
What if you do, what if you don’t
The mind is a power, keeps you in doubt
You play with fire, you always get burned
Yet We act like moths, the fire we yearn
How does it feel, that constant pulling?
This division of Good and Evil in our minds
Time is fleeting
My heart, still beating
How do you get away?
This stuff makes you play?
Gotta not see it somehow
Isn’t it better to be locked up somehow?
Cuz the beat ain’t too far
That Boom Boom Pow
Mental going wow!
We about to get down
Is it the End?…

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