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Halls of Power – a poem by studentasim

As I stood in the Halls of Power

My feelings were confirmed
There’s a difference between local and national
Your own backyard vs. the stadium
A difference between community and communities
It’s futile to think of yourself without somehow relating to the other
There must be a bridge
Malcolm X once said there is a difference between being in the field and being in the house
It’s one step closer
An idea that is backed by the powerful is sound
The question is how?
It may not even occur because such an idea could be treacherous to achieve
So they leave it…
But sometimes it is worth pursuing
Happy go lucky
Or meant to be?
Why calculate a science that has no formulas?
There is only one sure way
You are the Sheppard
God will listen
If you are sincere
But Godwilling that is
Anything is possible
Yay or nay
Nay or yay
But there is only one guarantee
Your own
What you put in
Is what you get out
This is a relay race
Just pass the baton
You are a worker
Why rest?
Be smart
Document your effort
If it was for the stadium
You may be informed of the cheers
One day
Success is the only way to make Change
Blood, sweat, tears
Struggle to show what you know
So the other finds acknowledgement
In the Halls of Power…

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