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I saw a little kid crying – a poem by studentasim

I saw a little kid crying
He was part of an entourage of carriages
Some women pushing them along
Big drops of water dripping from his innocent eyes
I wondered why they weren’t asking the child what was wrong?
All they did was wave their hands and sing a song
That even after a little while
But to no avail
The child’s cries were not heard
It hurts inside when you’re all alone
and you look around and there’s no one home
They see your sorrow
Don’t aid you, nor follow
Why such a young age, the child exposed?
Wish a long time to see such behaviour imposed
All you need is a hand sometimes
On your shoulder, with a smile can be very sublime
Trust yourself in a cold, cold world
Love yourself, develop self-respect
Learn to go on
It’s all you got
Remembering the child in the carriage
Cry if you have to, it’s okay
But unlike the child in the carriage
You gotta learn to wipe your own tears

Pray to God
Pick yourself up
It’s a charity,
and one of the best charities you could ever do,
is onto Yourself
I saw a little kid crying…

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