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IDEAS – a poem by studentasim

We as people want the same
But it is some few
Who corrupt the rest
There is no one standard in the world
Not if we do not all agree to it
But why is it that WE want to bully the other?
Where is the restraint?
Is there no legal code that is part of who we are as People?
How is this a way to be?
There must be a way to discern this fog
True, it’s hard to express yourself and be heard as People
It’s hard for them to listen
They, the few
But there are those Ideas that spill blood and tears
Those Ideas of brave men, women and children
Ideas that remain
That stand for a moral code
That influence…even centuries later
The movement
The change
And in between
It’s true…
It starts with an Idea penned
It is not the movement so much
Or the People so much
Or the in between so much
It’s the IDEA so much
The IDEA so much
That is the most powerful
The biggest threat to injustice

We as people want the same…

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