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In My House

In my house:
I agree.
They are lessons.
On how to live in better and careful ways.
But what if you can’t understand the lessons?
Or it takes much time?
Or the challenges envelopes or drowns you?
Then how? Then what?
I believe these are matters of faith and understanding
But I often feel my faith is thinner than a sheet of paper
I cannot say I have been trained in faith
Even though I’ve been around it my entire life
I feel it could fall like a deck of cards at any given moment
And how do you know you have faith?
They say when you are alone, the choices you make expose how much of it you have
Or don’t have
I do believe in faith
It is a vaccine
It gives immunity
I must continue to strive for it I think
To understand it
To understand me
To understand you
In my house:

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