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Occupy Myself – a poem by studentasim

2011 was significant because it was the year of the People
When there was hardly justice, and much evil
What democracy?
When the leaders got a mind of their own
Filling their pockets with treasures unknown
Arab Spring
Occupy Wall Street
A revolution not a hype
People can’t sleep
Their futures stolen
Robbed by the rich
Generations will pay
Civil unrest
What do you expect us to say?
From all of this
I draw an analogy
Like the revolution of the People, all around the world
It’s high time we Occupied Ourselves
I won’t go!
I won’t leave!
Do what you want to do, even if you evict me, I will come right back!
I will sit in, and protest, against the vicious cerebral policies You make!

The new slogan is Occupy Myself!
I cannot sit here anymore and let it all just happen to me
To my population
To my future
I will not leave anymore!
I’m scared
But I have will
Enough is enough
This is not a social experiment!
A social experiment is one where you might think you know what the outcome could be
Not here, this is reality
The instant I was firm in my conviction:
To Occupy Myself
Change was already set in motion
This is a point of reference
Which experiences after this
Future generations of consciousness of my life
Will witness
I will Occupy Myself
until I witness changes at the helm
I owe it to myself
There is a state of Urgency
This is a state of Emergency
Like the Arab Spring
Like Occupy Wall Street
I Occupy Myself
I will lie in the shadows of the elite,
that control my psychological airspace
Demanding Change happen
Change happen Now
And as my numbers grow
This internal Revolution will become overwhelming God Willing
The oppressor can no longer hold me
Bind me
Mind me
New standards will be established
Yet similar challenges will be faced
But now I can
Now I can
Now I can
I must Occupy Myself…

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