Checks and Balances – a poem by @studentasim

July 28, 2016

I realize that I am too weak for my own good
There must be Checks and Balances
Everyone has one or more challenges
Do not approach! Is wisdom
So to ensure we do not indulge
We recognize our limitations
Or our arrogance will deceive us
So we must put in a Check
To Balance
Perhaps this will develop mental resolve over time
So you hope
But never think you cannot relapse
Just when you think you will not
Checks and Balances…

Ramadan, you have come back! – a poem by @studentasim

June 6, 2016

Ramadan, you have come back!
I love you friend
Because you change who I am
I want to spend my entire days with you
That I do not work much in other ways
10 10 10
You are The Friend
I cannot live up to a sliver of what you are
But I do a deed
Even slightly to be accepted
For my weight is unworthy
But a true friend you are
Remember me when you meet your Lord
I will forever be indebted
This friendship I waited my entire life
It will always be something special between us
You are a guiding light
I need you more than you could ever know
I need to tell you this in this precise moment
Before it is too late
Because I know what you mean to me
Because my life would never be the same
Because you change who I am
I love you friend
Ramadan, you have come back…

What I can do – a poem by @studentasim

May 25, 2016

There is no end
There is no beginning
There is no true loss
There is no true winning
Recognize that you were
For a time that concurred
Now it is your sliver
In a Time will not wither
One chance
One chance
One chance
No matter how many attempts
Try the arrow in the bow
Make a statement
End the show

Reconnect – a poem by studentasim

April 24, 2016

We are small
Yet we are not small
I’ve walked a million miles
Today I stop just for a whim
And take stock of my journey
Moments along the way
And it is shocking
There is much error
But there are spectacular moments
Moments of achievement
Moments of power
Moments of struggle
Moments of success
Moments of who I always wanted to be
Today I have forgotten about this work
I am shrouded with error
I am a prisoner of inability
I forgot much of what I did
Moments of ability should not make us Big
Rather humble
Because they did not tell us that we would fight the fight our lives
Our togetherness seems rare
But required
To take the next step well
We are small
Yet we are not small


January 15, 2016

In the beginning there was Effort
In the end there was Effort
Effort must be informed
But there must be Effort
Inaction is the opposite of Effort
Inaction is Sin
Each time we do no react
We die a little
It is a massive struggle to be on the side of Effort
But beg and pray to be on the side of Effort
Every second
Makes a difference
For there is little of it left
But just Effort…

Bring it back

November 20, 2015

Bring it back
What problems do you really have?
Admitted there is a hierarchy of issues
Some inflated
Some deflated
Some real
Some not
Do you remember some of the good times?
It was only ever one chance
Not two
And life goes on…
Sometimes we stop
But a reminder can change all that
As long as there is life
There could be a chance
Try to try
And Bring it back
There is no True Winning
There is no True Losing
Just the struggle in between
Bring it back

Sit Down

October 25, 2015

Sit Down
Fleeting moments
Every day
Sit Down
When you hear the stories
Sit Down
What you think about yourself
Why them, but not You?
Sit Down
You don’t know what you’re dealing with
Sit Down
Fight to establish good habits
Oh fight to establish good habits
For your time was up before you were born
Sit Down

Be part of the Process – a poem by studentasim

September 30, 2015

Be part of the Process
I need to do it big?
No, be part of the Process
What if I do it small?
It’s part of the Process
And if I do nothing at all?
Be part of the Process
So be part of the Process?
Be part of the Process
For effective change?
Be part of the Process
Does the Process have weight?
Yes, be part of the Process
Is the Process for now?
Yes/No. But it will come.
Be part of the Process
Effective sum…

First Time – a poem by studentasim

September 8, 2015

The First Time
Feel uneven
Not ready
But progress lies in taking the first step
There is always a starting point
Ready or not
The smart person will know
They will know what they might feel
Prepare then
Prepare for the First Time
Bracing for The Moment
Do well
For when you are in The Moment
It will reveal
How you feel and what you should have done
The First Time is the Truth
Then hasten
Then Be Ready