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Ramadan, you have come back! – a poem by @studentasim

Ramadan, you have come back!
I love you friend
Because you change who I am
I want to spend my entire days with you
That I do not work much in other ways
10 10 10
You are The Friend
I cannot live up to a sliver of what you are
But I do a deed
Even slightly to be accepted
For my weight is unworthy
But a true friend you are
Remember me when you meet your Lord
I will forever be indebted
This friendship I waited my entire life
It will always be something special between us
You are a guiding light
I need you more than you could ever know
I need to tell you this in this precise moment
Before it is too late
Because I know what you mean to me
Because my life would never be the same
Because you change who I am
I love you friend
Ramadan, you have come back…

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