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The dark side of all this… – a poem by studentasim

I’m not gonna tell you what everyone else is gonna say
I’m gonna tell you about the dark side of all this
When all you wanted to do was put something out there
to make a difference
They say “who are you?”
“You’re an unknown”
“Your kinda work, I wouldn’t wanna own”
Some people won’t like you
only wanna fight you
spite you
says “You can’t do it!”
says “already knew it!”
“I’ll be really surprised,
If they even buy your prize”
Up late at night
No one around to help you
No end in sight
Just gotta pull through
You don’t know me,
and how I think
I could dwarf your life
and your stereo-typical jinx
Only I know what happened
And what went down
The sacrifices I made
My health and the sound
Yet the haters still resist
“Why can (s)he persist?”
“There’s really nothing here”
“But why are they sincere?!”
“It’s just a good effort”
“It’s a side thing you know”
“Get back to work”
“And shovel their snow”
“Why you think BIG?”
“You’re way too small”
“How can you make it better?”
“How can YOU make it better?”
“Stop it!”
“Why even attempt?”
“Leave em’ in contempt”
“Close your eyes now”
“Just let it happen”
“It’s not your problem”
“Just live your life”
“Can’t cut it with a knife”
When you walk alone
In the desert of your dreams
The air is nobility
The clouds, your protectors
The sun is your friend
The stars make you wise
The moon is your mirror
All is not lost
Look deep inside
now STOP

You must walk alone!
This is your home!
Only you know what you’ve bin through
No one in the world could do justice to your struggle
That’s the dark side
The side you never will be acknowledged for
Even if you made it
Even if you “made it”
The times misunderstood
The times no one gave you a chance
The times you walked alone
The times you looked inside and said NO!
I’m a soldier!
I will march on!
The times you fought yourself…
and made it True
and then, the Times they all watched you
But you know better
It was the dark side that will always be a secret
That side of you that makes you want to breathe every single moment
Yet the side that you even wished didn’t exist
Many moments I complain
The tears in my eyes
and the ones in my brain
But it had to happen no other way
For Today…
For Tomorrow
It was always meant to be
Don’t go away
Fortify your asset
Engage in the shelling
Hold tight
But if you should fall
Just remember one thing
Get up!
They’ll only see the one side
Not how you made it
Not what you did
Not the dark side of all this
This is your Time
Struggle for it
Don’t go away
Not this time…

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