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These are the moments of our lives – a poem by studentasim

Don’t accelerate it
You want to get through it
But savour the struggle
It’s something of wisdom
These are the moments of our lives
The good
The bad
The ugly
The lessons
The struggle
Hate it
But enjoy it at the same time
Granted, we want to get better
Will we get better?
That remains to be seen
There’s only one way out
Take it step by step
Accept the facts
Now focus on recovery
Do what you can
Come back
I recognize the damage
Oh the damage
I know
But try
Some things you can’t fix
It kills me
But some things you can
Life could never be easy
Just need some hope
Just try to find new methods
What can I say?
Some good will come about
Especially when you look back
It’s like a recent picture
You hate it
But when you look back
You think, that wasn’t too bad
So when you look back
You can’t lose you
Just keep crawling somehow
In the face of fear, damage, bigotry and hate
Just try
These are the moments of our lives…

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