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Crossing Guard – a poem by studentasim

Sweet memories of her, the lady who would help us cross the road
Each day, on our way to school, this sweet lady held out her big red stop sign to ensure our safety
I used to know her by name, but it has been so long, I forgot
I used to say “Hi” along with her name all the time
I just remember her warm smile and her friendly nature
I commend those that ensure the safety of young children
As I sit here and look back in time…
Who would have thought that a crossing guard could have been a role model?
But she was and is
How can I forget that person? The impression she left on me is imprinted in my mind
And it’s not that I think of her all the time, but I think its part of my subconscious mind…something good…and years later, as I payed attention to another crossing guard as I drove by, I was reminded of the crossing guard when I was a little boy
It’s interesting how we make connection points from experiences
Today I’m writing about that crossing guard, who was to know?
I hope she is well wherever she is
If I could say Thank You! in person it would be my honour
And like all the people that were kind to me as a child, Thank You from the bottom of my heart
It’s people like you who deserve the highest honours in society
Little did I realize, you are all my Crossing Guards, who helped me be comfortable then, and add a positive dimension to my life now
The time we spend with good people is also unfortunate
Because often times we can’t even begin to realize how special it is

Yet these people are guide posts
They give direction
Even years later, when they are no longer with us
They give direction
Thank you for being my Crossing Guards
Only if I knew, how fortunate I was…

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