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I want to score – a poem by studentasim

If you want to score
You need to rip yourself apart
It’s internal behaviours that need calibration
Re-adjustment of the gadgetry
It’s the difference between saying it
and Living it
Too much theory
This isn’t a subject
Be close to the ground
No one said there aren’t alternatives to dealing with it
But it’s the addiction that is the destroyer
Pull out
Any way possible
It’s so magnetic
A mist over you
Can’t shake it
Obeying it’s every command
It’s the Effort
Gotta keep digging
Gotta find a way out
Fight this!
Wanna score
So important to score
Comparing scoring to addiction
Like night and day
Why am I being held back after all this contemplation?
It’s not worth it
Necessary to score Now
What a state!
Returning back to the state of nature
When everything just happened
And you just did
When I score
It’s because everything changed…
It’s because I changed
I want to score
I want to score…

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