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I’m also alive

I’m also alive

I know there is “The Other’s” pain
Especially those from destitute areas
It’s immense!
I know
I know
And for a very long time
I was paralyzed by The Other’s situation
How could I ask God for something
When my situation was so small as compared?

Many realities later
That changed
Each time I fell, I thought it was enough
But I fell
And fell
And fell
There is no limit to falling
Oh God, help me rise!
And so I realized:

This is not working anymore
I need to work again!
Can I try?
Don’t die on me brother!
We love you
Get up
Get up!

God made me
God has a plan for me
God gave me life
It’s mine
And I need to make the best out of my life
My life has my issues
And your life has your issues

I need to solve MY issues
To help solve YOUR issues

And that’s it.
I feel terrible for your situation
But I need to
Be Ready
Be Prepared
Be Healthy
Be Able!

And so I must solve my own issues
I can’t reject my conditions
I just can’t
I’m also alive…

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