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But I wanna put my name on it… – a poem by studentasim

But I wanna put my name on it…
I want to ask You a question
If You were to produce work, would you put Your name on it?
You would
So I should be able to put my name on my work
How can You say, when I present You with an artifact, a unique artifact, that You want to put your name on it?
This is known as plagiarism.
Wanting my artifact, but branding it Yours.
It’s not funny.
Yet the danger lies in the irony
It’s innocently subconscious
You don’t even realize what You just indicated
Despite who ever I was, it’s my Idea
I don’t have to be known, for my property to be owned, by You!
This gross violation happens all the time
Being unknown, gathers you no credibility, despite good, even half-good work presented
Yet the same work presented, being known, makes You look like something wonderful has happened
Property rights extend to that which lives in the mind
What’s good is good, without entertaining a million
The identity of talent does not lie in the million,
rather in the one that recognises it
It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it, that someone who You deem below You
or who You have told to not venture here
or who You told did not “have it”
to accept their work
Yet You do, in some ways, but You can’t bring Yourself to even nod
Was it a weak effort? Maybe. But it was an effort that helped some
The stories untold, in the many, but why does that need to be told to You?
The veil of Resistance You wear, is firm in You
Your eyes do not lie
If there is merit, so be it
Why resist it?
Rather, insist it
It’s not all for You and it never will be
Do not put your name on my work
If You truly understood human potential,
anybody alive can produce something useful
Acknowledge the useful
Be very careful
You own very little
No matter how big You think you are
You cannot put Your name on it…

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