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What does it mean to do the Right Thing? – a poem by studentasim

What does it mean to do the Right Thing?
It’s called Right Action
It happens on an impulse
It’s a feeling
It’s inside you
There might be fear
But it becomes unimportant
How do you achieve this mind set?
For those who do not have it
To do the Right Thing?
I am very interested in this belief
How do you learn such a mind set?
When that moment arrives
It’s a flick of time
Will I do the Right Thing?
I’m troubled about not witnessing this conviction
Yet, I believe it is something that can be researched
It can be cultivated
It can be developed
If thought about a lot
Why is this psychology not taught to us by our teachers?
There is much benefit
This is about self esteem
This is about dignity
I want to know how all other emotion finishes
Including emotions that can limit us in such conditions
When presented with the moment
To do the Right Thing
This attitude requires commitment
What does it mean to do the Right Thing?
When nothing else matters anymore
Even when faced with adversity
It is absolutely a mind set
Doing the Right Thing makes you appear confident, quick, and serious
But these are mere illusions or outcomes
Outcomes of a firm reality embedded in a person
To do the Right Thing
For those who want to do the Right Thing,
There is a deep journey back inside The Self
This is doing the Right Thing to do the Right Thing
This is very serious and requires one’s person to be aligned with one’s desire
I feel it’s innate, but we could lose that state of nature as our environment socializes us
Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter because there is no justification
Can I appreciate this:
What does it mean to do the Right Thing?
Never think it’s all subjective
There are some things that are True…

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