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Can I defend myself? – a poem by studentasim

Often I wonder
Can I defend myself?
In all circumstances?
My state of mind at any one point, unsure
My reflection, serious
What if something happens at a time when I don’t feel well?
What will happen?
Can I defend myself?
My parents raised me to be a good citizen
I don’t want to let them down
I don’t want to let myself down
They raised me so I could find my way
Do I need to be tested?
Life is mental
But my mind is a mule
As it trots away
Not heeding my call
So I must be strict
And yank it back
Shouting, “you must listen!”
That it must work for me
That when the time comes
And I am at the mercy of the other
Will the question be answered,
Can I defend myself?

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