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Justice is not the advantage of the stronger… – a poem by studentasim

Let’s talk to each other, not through each other.
Stop the Hate! Appreciate!
If you’re wrong, make it right.
If you’re strong, break the fight.
Know my rights, stop the snipe.
It’s not fair, I’ll see you there.
You think you won? You never did.
All you did was make a bid.
Time in your favour? No, it’s not true.
Time is monster, it’ll get you.
But why be like this?
Why be like that?
Shake my hand, let’s make a pact.
Don’t hurt me anymore, I have my own ways.
Learn about me, the things you’ll explore.
Mis-information is a poison for the people.
The threat is a hype, no justice nor no evil.
2 brother’s can fight, no clash of civilization.
Simply takin’ your stuff, and you make a sensation.
Those that are strong, walk with the weak.
Those that are weak, develop your speech.
If this is true, it won’t hurt you.
Go away and think about how you can do it too.
Justice is not the advantage of the stronger…

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