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I knew someone who passed away – a poem by studentasim

I knew someone who passed away
I woke up and heard it today
They were so kind
Their smile in mind
It’s so incredible
It happened so fast
I never expected it
It’s now the past
I prayed for them
the second I heard
I donated a few
And said some words
It’s strange, it just happens
That deadly Assassin
The days so rapid
We’re left behind
tick tick tock
Fate on the clock
my soul, inside
mind, body, divide
Sometimes I wonder how it will be
cannot escape The Reality
Till the day I see
The people I lost, in my h-e-a-r-t
God be merciful,
on those that left
Please! Let they not be of those of jest
If I could put, them all on my chest
I would embrace the ones I lost
And tell them I will do my best
I won’t forget you
For I am your friend
And if I do
I’ll remind myself again
Our link is not lost
Our bond, never a true cost
I will pay my respects
correct myself
When I visit the rest
I’m silent now,
in my thoughts again
Rest in peace
God will-ing
I knew someone who passed away…

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