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I need to Study – a poem by studentasim

I need to Study
What do I know?
Do I know what I know?
Do I believe what I know?
Who taught me what I know?
Am I this way just because it was granted?
Or did I earn my belief?
Is my knowledge thin?
I can be honest with myself
Are my foundations weak?

I realized this a long time ago
Telling myself “I must Study, I must Study”
But it never happened
Until Today
When I met Time
Time asked me a question
The biggest question of my life: Who are You?
Who do I want to be?
How can I get there?
Now it has become all the more relevant
The solution?
Seek, find, learn, study
The time that I had deferred is now here
I know Time will not leave me until it is satisfied
“You MUST study!”
I know
I have no more choices
Its shadow drowns my everything
I always knew I had to
I just didn’t have the time
But do you see the irony?
I didn’t have time
Time found me
Our meeting was not friendly
It was of urgency
I must go
Because Time said “Now!”
I need to Study

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