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State your position clearly – a poem by studentasim

State your position clearly
Hold it
If you need to revise it, be open, do so
The misunderstanding is evident when thought is not thought,
When it is not articulated well
For the conversation transforms into a wild animal,
Running in every direction
And your mind starts to skip
What you really wanted to say was not conveyed
The issue became something else
But you tried to sustain the conversation regardless, to show the intent
When they say “Look how you are speaking!”
It is a strange statement
Despite having all the answers in hind-sight,
There is still value in the Now.
Haven’t they felt my concern?
Is it only black and white?
Do they not have flexibility in their attitude?
How do you handle someone who compels you?
Disappointing to see those in the position
Having little regard
To even attempt to make an accommodation
To even make an accommodation!

Your own concern is turned against you,
Even when the grounds are legitimate
Even when the grounds are urgent
Legitimate in a way that is not self-defined
Rather in a way that a system could accept
When they hit you with absurdity
Strike them with the opposite
and leave them with a lesson
Even if they didn’t allow you to pass
But practise, to be clear
Yes practise, to be clear
It is painful,
But it is necessary
State your position clearly

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