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I’m in debt – a poem by studentasim

There’s a cloud of pressure on me
A stitch in my chest
I can’t smile
A guy at the shop asked me: What’s with the sad face?
How can you smile when you wanna be honest, but it just ain’t happening?
I don’t run away from what I owe You!
That ain’t me
But to tell you the truth

I’m in debt

Some time ago,
I drowned
I can’t pay it off quick enough!
Do you wanna know how it feels when you can’t even buy shoe laces for your boots?
When you can’t even by an ice cream for your crew?
Day to day realities
Got only a little bit comin in
I’m scared I might not be able to pay the rent
Or get embarrassed when I use my credit card percent
I’m sick of sayen: I got no money
But it’s true
I got no money…
I’ll tell you something else
I’m actually glad I got no money right now
a) now I know what it feels like to got no money
b) it’s a test for me, a different side of me I never saw
Can I pull through?
Can I?
Can I pull through?
I got myself you hear!
The sickness of the minds of those who think money makes you better somehow
and if you don’t got money, you’re something less
I ain’t less cuz I got no money!….cuz I respect myself for being in the Struggle
Lesson’s aren’t taught
Their earned
Wait your turn
You think you’ll respect yourself? You’ll see
Money ain’t nothin’
You wish you had dignity
All your money won’t make you like yourself
Lookin down on others
Judging them like a fool
You don’t even know what you think
All that money, you can’t even blink
No one is poor except those that are poor right here
I’m pointing at your mind, it’s full of fear
Cuz you never seen the opposite sides of Yourself!
So how can you be rich, when you don’t even know your own amount?
To all those that are down,
Be in the Struggle
Be forthright
Don’t run away
They can find you, that’s fine
Nothing to run from
Just tell em’ you’re workin’ on it
Work on it
I’ll pay you back, you’ll see!
That’s building spine
That’s building dignity
That makes you rich
It’ll happen
It’ll happen, just watch n’ see!
Cuz it’s the Right Thing to do
And to those who judge us cuz you think we’re poor
Look at yourself if you dare
Go beyond and peel the layers
You’ll see something that’ll scare your life
Cuz you’ll realize You ARE poor
Got no soul
Got no price…

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