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To: Mom and Dad… – a poem by studentasim

Look Mom, look Dad
I’m all grown up
I know I don’t tell You this, but
I’m gonna take care of You always
I think about maken it better for us
I know I’m still in the Struggle, but
This is what you prepared me for
God Willing, imma make it good
I’m sorry for being so rude
And being so inexperienced
I’m glad days like this make me think about myself and You
God Willing there will be a day when I can take care of You properly
In the meantime, imma try to be respectful and do what I can
It’s funny how what we think of taking care is in terms of money but to Them, it’s simple things like being respectful…incredible…
I won’t forget what You did for me
You can rely on me to pray for You
Don’t hesitate to call me
God gimme patience and increase my respect for Them in their old age
I don’t want these to be fluffy ideas
These are Real Ideas
Thank you isn’t enough…so I won’t say it
I just need to wake up and understand Your importance
I don’t need anything more from You
It was my turn a long time ago…

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