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I’m numb from poverty… – a poem by studentasim

I’m numb from poverty
It’s hard to laugh
It’s hard to cry
Layers of consciousness weigh down
It becomes difficult
It becomes hard
And then it becomes Numb
It doesn’t matter what happens anymore
It’s true, economic sanctions arrest your development
You actions become inconclusive
You become dust on the playing field
You don’t exist
The economic sanctions the Situation imposes
You lose your voice
Dragged to conform
Why is there poverty?
In a world so affluent?
Why is there poverty?
There is a problem here
The problem is not everybody experiences poverty
So how would they know?
If you experience poverty, you would never let it happen to another
Aren’t the stories enough?
Do we not care about this?
Why is there poverty?
If we can kill people, why can’t we save them?
These bearings are very wrong
The Spirit of Mankind exposed
A crime against Humanity…by Humanity
In fact, these stories are enough
Because there are too many to tell
My hands to the sky
I’m numb from poverty…

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