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This is for the 26 – a poem by studentasim

This is for the 26
When your lives were taken
It makes no sense

The ugly man
Did what he can

But the bravery I heard
Teachers deserve

It’s the time like this
In death or to live

The bravery that comes
Fear that’s shunned

It’s what makes a person rise to the feat
Face the enemy and not retreat

The Lord have mercy
The Lord has plans

The Lord forgive
Those at hand

Please Lord, give peace to those behind
And let not this happen, this hideous crime

Be it known that life is sacred no matter where
Be it Palestine, Pakistan, or USA

The blood from the wounds cause so much pain
Blood is not cheap
Just the story in vain

Let there be moments of silence for massacres everywhere
Hitting home reminds us life is respected no matter where

This is a poem
At this time
For the 26 who passed
To their lives…

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