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Imma Make It – a poem by studentasim

Imma make it
Not gonna fake it
Imma take it!
Looken at the back of the crib
That lake it!
It’s so open, it’s naked
Truth not dare
I believe, not fear
You try to get lippy
You got no wisdom
You talk with doubt
Ain’t original,
no clout
Every man for himself
A laugh and a half
You played yourself
Wisdom? tall as an elf
You can’t read my mind
How you know what I wanna do?
Or what I’m capable to prove?
Not prove to you
Who do you think you are?
The way you think
You’ll be broke not far
You ain’t at par
You can’t start no war
Some like you and you think you’re slick
Never underestimate It
You’ll know your place trick
Big deal you got some media
Your fans and you, wait how many you got?
It ain’t NOTHIN haha! so why you talk?
The lyrics I spit
Get you shot
Your head so warped, better get to walk
A lot
Don’t come back
Your dirty demeanour
Your fake persona, you wish you were cleaner
Imma put a challenge out to you
Now shut your mouth
If you think you’re bigger
Be bigger
But you know you can’t be
Why disturb me, you can’t see?
When you talk your crap
I won’t ignore
When you talk your crap
You big eye soar
Won’t fall on your lap
You have no clue
Tip your hat
I play my rap
I hit you back
Ideas that lack
Your Mind Handicap

Imma make it
Not gonna fake it
Imma take it!

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