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This is a bad time… – a poem by studentasim

This is a bad time
My head is hung down low with shame
I’m a fraud aren’t I
My uncle told me something important today
He said: If you don’t feel it with your heart, why do it?
Just to show it off to people, hey look at me?
I don’t want them growing up in this world with this
But if I knew I walked away from it all
There would be a chance
At least I would have done my part
Because The Journey is very long
Whats it matter if deep down inside, there’s no self trust?
How dark is that?
When I split my will
It rips The Goal apart
Whats more important?
Real people don’t do this
They go out and get it
I am a fraud
To think about all that effort
Pausing to think
I’m blank

Stop wasting your time
You’re floating through life
And it doesn’t even matter
Those moments in time equal nothing
Cuz they were just moments
Not real incidents that fortified me
And brought me closer to
The Goal
Stop the game
No life of fame
It’s all the same
Couldn’t train
Fell off the lane
Down the drain
To be the same
Kills the chain
Now I came
To the bottom again
What’s my aim?
What’s my name?
The words ring hollow
Lost time, just sorrow
I don’t know what I’m gonna do
I hate being a prisoner!
In a world where I’m always sentenced
The eternal prison
Judge, jury and executioner are a trinity
Got to be like Houdini
Do it so you can’t see me
I pray to have some will
But it’s diminished each time
But in a lot of ways I don’t feel like praying
Cuz I am a fraud
Just sit down now
This is a bad time…

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