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Ramadan, I Remember… – a poem by studentasim

Welcome Ramadan
Guest afar
Raise the bar
Blessing you are
Short time
More in line
In my heart
Good and evil
Stand apart
Can I share?
Truth is Truth
You stay Forever?
Be my Proof
Be part of my Youth
Spiritual telephone booth
Remember waking up for you
Since I was small
Feel this vigour
Feel this call
I purse my lips,
Cuz I know you won’t stay
It kills me, can’t think about being this good…every day
I know that’s the lesson you come to teach
Graceful style,
Less the preach
Imma try to measure up
I can think about some things
You leave an impression
The door that swings
I tell you Ramadan
This Struggle inside
This Life I tell
Trying to survive
I’m broke
and I’m poor
Try to do a deed
But psychology is life
Fact is I need
Some days I’m numb
Can’t get it out!
Some days I’m glum
I feel the doubt!
I can’t sink!
STOP this now!
God give me something!
Can you allow?!
Good Ramadan
Good you’re fair
Please tell God
His slave did care
I know I’m bad
Even evil
I know I’m sad
Terrifically feeble
Thank you for visiting
Again this year
One day you come
I won’t be here
I hope you remember,
my small contribution
I’m that person that was poor
Please make a conclusion
Mention something for me
With all my ills
Despite the facts
My score be nils?
I welcomed you
Had some hope
The one who was struggling
Fighting to float
Upon the Time
Briefly we spoke
I’m that poor person
I was broke
But when I looked into Your eyes…

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