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If I’m a Terrorist… – a poem by studentasim

If I’m a Terrorist
What does that make you?
If I’m a Terrorist
Said Who?
The play on the Word
Who said it, Who heard?
Blame my name
When you do the same
When you do the same, and rather more
But blame the other,
Words are words
They go really far
The blood on your hands
Is smeared on your car
The car you drive,
Leaving tracks in History
But justice is Truth
A lie, no Victory
You really think you won?
When you went against the Scriptures
Didn’t history teach you?
Mercy is an elixir
Manipulating the rest
Showing face to be the best
Money, Power, and zest
Mislead Generation Next
The difference is in the How
Not in the Why
Self-Defense is Human
Don’t hit me from the sky
Stop the Lie
The Lie from inside
There’s still time for you to break
If I’m a Terrorist
I’m a reflection of what your mirror looks into
I’m the hate that your feelings are meant to
Stop looking at yourself and then two
The shots that kill, life gets mental
You can’t get away, no way No
Blood that you spilled, is sick Oh!
You’ll pay for it some way
You know that
Cuz the Truth of this World
Will show that!
Will show that
Will show that
If I’m a Terrorist…

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