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The Love of Sport – a poem by studentasim

The Love of Sport
Is a joust
Not necessarily just between opponents
It is first and foremost a struggle within
How will I behave when the play is in my hands or at my feet?
We tell others to not be afraid
Because it’s easier to do so
But when we assume the same position
We experience the same fear
An invisible resistance
The Love of Sport is deep
The benefits many
Especially when you become the player
Now there’s a chance to work on your inner game
Not theoretically
The logistics on the ground are very different
So it pays to have strategic theoretical knowledge
Knowledge can guide you while on the ground
When plotted against others
You learn about who you are
You discover a You you never saw before
And confront your fears, the fears you always knew you had to confront
For it is important to play against yourself
For your mind, your body, your soul…your health
Confront yourself always and put yourself in a jam
Only then you can believe in the feeling, Yes I can
For the Love of Sport isn’t too far
There’s already a stadium inside you
The jouster was never gone…

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