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The Plan… – a poem by studentasim

The Plan is a document you create and a promise you make to yourself
To uphold this Constitution
The Constitution of my Person
To believe in it
It can be for a short term or a long term
A shorter term will help you focus on immediate goals
It is also a way to train yourself for long term Plans
The Plan once drafted, is executed
Or else you are fooling only you
You aren’t serious
Because The Plan is The Plan
This isn’t Peter Pan
Take your hand
You are a man or wo-man
No need to fight for it
Cuz it’s locked
Make it realistic
Make it reachable
The Struggle is natural
Now draft
Now do
The once I was
I don’t recognize you
The time is upon you now
You can’t put it off any longer
Now draft
Now do
The Plan…

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