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This Path we Walk… – a poem by studentasim

This Path we Walk
We Walk alone
Even if their home
You’re still on your own
The silence all around
Not even a sound
Just the echoes of the mental chamber
And what you look like on paper
The sound of footsteps as they walk
And then away from you
The stillness of the night
The bustle of the day
The Situation tells you only you are to play
The vulgarity of other people
The knives in your back
Make you realize even them on attack
Don’t search their eyes
It’ll only deceive you
The answer was never there
Truth if you dare
Can’t be bothered with the rest
Focus on my mind and my chest
Can’t look to no one else
Why look to someone else?
Internal construction
Benchmark my evolution
Critical condition
Life threatening position
The urgency of movement on the Path
This Path we Walk…

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