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Too much time has gone by – a poem by studentasim

Too much time has gone by
When am I gonna believe in myself?
This is important
Time is sand, as it slips through my fingers
Wondering when that time will come
When I’m okay
When I’m happy with myself
When I can say I have arrived
This is a good place…
It’s never gonna happen
I know
But there is structure
I can live with structure
I need structure!
I have no structure!
When I have structure
My conversation will be of other things
But for now
It is basic
I think, with structure
I have position
I have ground
I can stand
I can then begin to face things
I will always face things
But I need ground!
I cannot walk on water
Maybe I will never believe in myself
But atleast I could say I developed strategies to cope with me
I did something!
I struggled!
You can’t struggle while walking on water
That is futile
This is about being smart
Having a plan
I have to do this!
I have this thought
And I believe it’s true
I am going to close my eyes
You will see a big surprise…

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