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Watch the glass… – a poem by studentasim

The Playground
Do you remember?
Your smile?
Your Happiness?
Your Hope, an entire day and more
Try to remember
You do remember…
The Playground
The Children
A Shattered bottle
Children notice
Scenery of Innocence polluted
Who would do such a thing?
The children are too young to realize
It’s deliberate
Infection scattered
Other garbage
Even profanity
Why would someone do such a thing?
Did they forget the cycle of Life?
They were once so Young
So Tender
So Innocent
And like that, there is a digression with age
Weren’t we taught to remove something from the Path?
So it would be easier for others to pass?
Oh Children of the world, please do not lose your innocence over a shattered bottle
I don’t even want to talk about it anymore
For fear something will be explained the wrong way
Enjoy your time
And the gift God has given you
Time will pass
The cycle of Life
You were once so Young
So Tender
So Innocent
And like that, let there not be a digression with age
Remember The Playground
Your vested happiness
It still can be
Do not shatter the bottle
And The Future will not have to say: Watch the glass…

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