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What do you know?! – a poem by studentasim

“What do you know?!” shouted the first guy
“When you can’t pay your rent and the bank froze your credit cards!”
“What do you know?”
“How do you know that?” said the second guy
The conversation went on for some time
The next day the first guy realized something,
an incorrect assumption was made
The second guy had explained that he had gone through tough times aswell:
“It came down to who would get a pair of glasses even, it was pretty bad…”
The first guy remembered that the second guy probably had troubling times, just much earlier in life
Gotta be careful, history isn’t short
Keep your mouth shut, try not to retort
Can’t say things you don’t really know
Even if the next guy’s situation seems to flow
The experiences we got run really deep
It’s like the ocean around us, heavy and discreet
Our flesh covers what we’ve witnessed
We got so many different experiences in us
It’s amazing
A flick of a second is all it takes for something to happen, or realize
Gotta be on guard
What you say and what you’re told
Gotta get this convo on hold
Be ready for the moments
Just realize what I know while understanding the other
Their position might be weak or might be strong
I know that if I’m ready, not too long
Painful moments that make you self aware
Yet the change inside after many a glare
Do it if you care
What you say and what you’re told
Be on your feet, be trying to be bold
Gotta be careful, history isn’t short
Be on lock, be your support…

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