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Keep in Touch – a poem by studentasim

Who would have known?
We would drift apart
Those precious moments we had together
I doubt those past times would have been as celebrated, if You weren’t there
What happened?
I never thought this day would come
When we hardly speak anymore
I question the motivations behind this
It’s not hard to keep in touch
Is it?
I never thought so
Time has changed You
Time has changed Me
I think I must realize that I don’t live in that moment anymore
But it’s still not hard to keep in touch!
Is it?
Painful to lessen the frequency
It becomes a game of retaliation doesn’t it?
You didn’t call
So I didn’t call
I ignored You
So You ignored me
We drift apart painfully
But however you look at it
It’s a commitment
We forgive each other
We love each other
That’s who we were
That’s who we can be
It’s not a regular relationship
It’s more!
Much more!
Which is why I have so many questions
I can’t let these feelings go
We paid our dues together
Many have come
You stay
If you ask me, I truthfully don’t want to lose You
Thoughts are painful of You, I do get these ill feelings of You
Because I don’t understand why You behave this way
It’s been so long since You touched me
I wish we could be close again
No effort
I just wish we could…
Keep in Touch

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