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What is it to be Equal? – a poem by studentasim

What is it to be Equal?
It is to not be unequal
Something of the Mind, Body and Soul working together as partners I believe
There is a harmony
Like in the Universe
An agenda set in advance
That the quest for peace is already predestined
Some kind of formula
We must uncover it
Learning about the elements of the formula in our worldly travels
Indeed there must be a formula!
It would be a shame to not know this formula
A truly unfortunate circumstance
Yet it is not easy to uncover the formula
There is a journey to find it
But beyond this
To apply the formula
One could feel a sense of accomplishment, when they discover the formula
But it could turn into self-disappointment if the dust of Life were to fall on it again, hence losing it
Not applying it or even tinkering with it
Tinkering with it not in a way that is erratic
But moreso, atleast consistent, but not as intense
There would still be some dignity in this, hopes for a stronger attitude to apply the formula
It would be better not to tinker with it, but be a part of it, as much as possible, and feel if work is being done
Truly, it is a struggle, to live the formula
But isn’t it worth it?
It is worth it
What is it to be Equal?
It is to not be unequal…

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