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Would you shout for your child, Osama? – a poem by studentasim

Would you shout for your child, Osama?
Would it have been better if his name was Obama?
It was at the mall
Child, no where at all
Maybe I should have hesitated a bit
But anyone woulda’ taken a fit
What would you do if your child was named Osama and was lost in the mall?
Would you shout his name?
By the way, Osama is a beautiful name
It means Lion in Arabic
If your name was George, would that make You a “bad person” if for arguements sake, there was another bad person out there with the same name?
What if your child George was lost in the mall, would you shout his name?
But for Osama, how would it play out?
When you are surrounded by hate or misunderstanding in a society
What would You do in that moment?
Would you hurriedly go to an authority and have them look for your child?
OR would you frantically conduct your own search instinctually?
Would you shout for your child, OSAMA?

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