As I leave Spain…

July 5, 2018

As I leave Spain
A community once here
Crowning Spain: Jewel of the world
Street lights lit
Mathematics, science abound
Innovations unseen
Imaginations stretched
Conversion not by sword
History cannot lie
The castles so beautiful
The mosques like infinite
Advancements unparallel
The Renaissance must acknowledge
But then
A vow
Point of View?
Religious Cleansing
The End

Or is it?
As I leave Spain…

That was then, this is Now – by @studentAsim

June 28, 2018

That was then
This is now
Snapshots we don’t remember
But they remember us
Our state
Our thoughts
Our essence
A way to measure
That was then
This is now
How much have we grown
Is it measured just by what was known?
We say we have changed so easily
But when the layers are peeled away
The mind lies naked
That was then
This is now
Your mind will show you
Deep mental shifts
And consistent
Breaking the tradition
That was then
This is now…

First Day of Ramadan – a poem by @studentAsim

May 17, 2018

First day of Ramadan

You have come
Moments alone…
Deep thoughts
Desperate Tears
Oh Allah
So much work
Need. You.
Too much happened
No time sing
Thing we bring

What’s next

November 3, 2017

What’s next?
Take a step
No results
What to do?
They say be a master
I say be a master
Exhaust all means?
Pray hope like energy
Not run out
Let us solve the problem
Can we solve the problem?
I’m still
And we struggle to try again
What’s next


July 3, 2017

A beautiful thing
Two heads together
Better synthesis of Ideas
But where is the respect?
I must look at my side
And you must look at your side
Or else where is the common ground?
What is noticed more and more is
A frame imposed on the other
Not through understanding rudimentary
But force
A square peg does not fit in a round hole
A pity that a project is threatened
By a pathetic lack of emotional awareness
A shame things could end
Yet Collaboration is magnificent
If not with them
Then with another?
A path perilous and difficult
But we try

Serious – a poem by student Asim

June 22, 2017

Why a reminder?
Rather a state of being
A way of seeing
Straight shooter
Light moods have their place
Back to work
Constant pace
This is the way much is achieved
When The Moment comes
Not so deceived

My Experience

May 11, 2017

My heart fluttered
Yours didn’t
I was disoriented
You weren’t
I evaluated by relationship with this person
You didn’t
That’s the difference between being me
And you being you
You can try to understand what I feel
If you are willing to try to understand what I feel
But you do not feel what I feel emotionally
Do not say this then is an argument to use against you
The piercing of my heart when I feel I shall tell
In this community, know it, make it well

The “Bold Educator”

April 7, 2017

A pity
Children in the neighbourhood
Futures affected
By gatekeepers
Calling parents “partners”
Even an author
But not in their eyes
No attempt
No imagination
A pity

I’m also alive

March 21, 2017

I’m also alive

I know there is “The Other’s” pain
Especially those from destitute areas
It’s immense!
I know
I know
And for a very long time
I was paralyzed by The Other’s situation
How could I ask God for something
When my situation was so small as compared?

Many realities later
That changed
Each time I fell, I thought it was enough
But I fell
And fell
And fell
There is no limit to falling
Oh God, help me rise!
And so I realized:

This is not working anymore
I need to work again!
Can I try?
Don’t die on me brother!
We love you
Get up
Get up!

God made me
God has a plan for me
God gave me life
It’s mine
And I need to make the best out of my life
My life has my issues
And your life has your issues

I need to solve MY issues
To help solve YOUR issues

And that’s it.
I feel terrible for your situation
But I need to
Be Ready
Be Prepared
Be Healthy
Be Able!

And so I must solve my own issues
I can’t reject my conditions
I just can’t
I’m also alive…

The Road

February 5, 2017

Be desperate
Stop thinking
Take a step
Get back on The Road
Not focusing so much as “Staying on The Road”
But by being desperate
Continuing to do your work
This is the only way to happiness
They never gave you a chance
But you need to give yourself many
The blueprint: Structure

The Road
Stop thinking
Get back on it
Loop it
Each time
Exercising that will
Like a world class athlete
Forget the theories
This was yesterday
The Road