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Dignity – a poem by studentasim

Oh God
Give me dignity
Give me dignity when I speak
When I arrive
And I feel foreign
Allow me to love who I am
To be myself
Allow me to work with myself
No matter what circumstances I go through
I know I am changing
Sometimes, in ways I cannot control
But the strength of a person lies in his mind
If the mind is not aligned
Nothing is aligned
Allow me to walk the straight path
Knowing that there will be people against me
Make me believe in myself
So I can deal with the world
Unwavering from my mission
I need to find dignity
By asking you
And also by constructing it
Melding it
Bending it
Developing it
Even if I have to go against myself
Thank you for making me realize this
Please keep me
Don’t retreat me
Teach me
I will seek thee…

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