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Show me… – a poem by studentasim

Let me see
What I can be
How will I know?
If you don’t teach me?
Let me know what my options are
Show me there’s more than one way
That there’s multiple ways to look at things
Tell me there’s more than one standard
Teach me to ask myself questions
Help me see things from different ways
When the time comes
and I need to rely on myself moreso
Can I not see the avenues in front of me?
I want to, such a logical statement
But how will I ever even enter into this conversation with myself?
If I don’t even realize avenues exist?
This is so important
If I haven’t been taught about variety in my life
When the moment arrives
I will be afraid if presented with “different” ideas
And so, some
may never realize there were those other avenues
Avenues they could have embarked on
I am not like a steed
With blinders on my eyes, am I?
Let me run free
and gallop into the depths of the possible
From the time I was sprouting
Till the time I wilt
Show me the possible
Show me that I have talents!
Explain the possbile to me
So I can explore it
It doesn’t have to always be the same type of work
If I was taught I have options
If I was taught I can forage
Then I can make inroads into the possible
Looking back at my life
How am I speaking this way?
I learned some things here
I learned some things there
And I pieced together these ideas
So I complain to You!
Be open
And show me what you have been shown
Because it is all possible
If you taught me so
And it is impossible
If you never said a word…

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