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I prayed for a skunk – a poem by studentasim

As I travelled
I saw a skunk
In the middle of the night
And it happened immediately
“I pray for you” I whispered
Moments after
I wondered
What a wretched life, most animals live
Having voices, but not heard
No interpreters to convey
Even animals have rights we feel
But do they?
Why did I pray for this skunk?
When man has destroyed this animal’s livelihood
Am I praying out of pity?
Or out of love?
What must it feel like to be forgotten?
What must it feel like to be innocent, but be known as a menace, an outcast?
While we indulge in the pleasures of our time
We view those who also want to fill their bellies with contempt
For it’s not the other point of view that counts
It’s our own! Of course…
Yet I wonder how this skunk must feel?
Even it must adapt
To a world that isn’t natural
Rummaging through garbage, it’s primary habitat endangered
Yet it is all but a sensitive matter
This world serves man
Those animals that live in the wild tend to suffer
Yet our compassion can still be true
We can help those in need somehow
Perhaps my prayer was of mixed emotions
I felt I did it because I cared
Even for a skunk
The skunk’s plight is analogous to some of our own
In the middle of the night
Trying to make it
known as a menace, an outcast
I wish this skunk filled its belly that night
and fed its family
I actually do pray that this skunk can live in dignity
With what little it is offered
It’s hard when you are alone
And there is no one to help you
But little do we know
There could be someone out there
And just like I prayed for this skunk
Maybe someone can pray for me
Maybe someone can pray for you
In the middle of the night
I prayed for a skunk…

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